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Meet the last oases of the untouched!

As long as you still have reserve energy, you plan to stay in the region for a while, you have research intentions and we have such a solution.
The agency that is active in the organization of PUTM is unique in Northern Macedonia, which offers various activities in the field of adventure tourism with professional guides.

Guided Tours and Activities

Battle of Kajmakcalan WW1

Kajmakcalan (Кајмакчалан, Kaimaktsalan) is the highest peak of Mount Nidze (2.521 m) and during the WW1 (First World War) one of the key positions on the Macedonian front.


Offers unforgettable experience in nature. The natural water park runs along the riverbed formed by water. You are jumping into the pools and sliding on a rocky slide, descending with rope and swimming in clear transparent pools.

Mariovo and Jeep Safari

On this amazing adventure, from the jeep, you will have the opportunity to see the beautiful nature, the mountain ranges, smell the fresh air, and enjoy the deep oak forest along with the small, fast rivers with clean and cold water.


Mountain Solution is a registrated company that provides mountain guide and rescue services on the mountains in the Republic N. Macedonia, especially in the Prespa-Pelagonia region with the accent of the National Park Pelister, Nidje-Kajmakcalan mountain and Mariovo region.

Behind us are years of mountain experience and thousands of satisfied costumers from around the world.

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