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"If I go to Bitola, where do I run along Sirok Sokak"!

Every country has its own cities that are something special, unique. We were born under a lucky star that we have Bitola. The southernmost city in Macedonia is located only 17 km from the Greek border. On one side stretches the endless plain of Pelagonija and on the other the Baba mountain range, from whose peaks you have a fantastic view of Prespa Lake. The oldest Macedonian National Park-Pelister, the soul of Bitola, is also located on Baba Mountain! And its tracks will take you on an endlessly spectacularly difficult adventure...we definitely have the MOST DEMANDING RACE in Macedonia!

Bitola is a City proud of its past, culture, art, music, song. But Bitola also has the most spectacular setlists in this part of the Balkans - Sirok Sokak - Widde Alee, the macedonian Rambla! Whoever does not walk here has not been to Macedonia. We offer you even more... you can be unique and run between the city's cafes endless lined up on two sides. Tour de France has its Alpe d‘ Huez, Trail running has Zegama and PUTM has Siroki Sokak! Race starts are located at the beginning of the most beautiful Promenade on Balkan.

You run around 3 km along an ideally straight line, between streetcafes and bars, accompanied by hundreds of delighted walkers, and enter the unexpected adventure of Baba Mountain. There is no other way to do this, this cannot be copied - this is truly unique. And once you step into that world, forget about your loved ones and your problems...Baba mountain requires extreme psychophysical fitness and you have to be the master of your own feelings. The beginning and the end of the races are our responsibility, we will prepare a Emotions... for the other 99% of the course, we can only guarantee you one thing - a fight with all the opportunities and difficulties of a REAL and WILD Mountain! And that's why we repeat - don't underestimate Pelister! But if you run here to the end, nothing can surprise you anymore and anyway.

It's up to you to choose how many emotions you want to take with you, and that's why we offer from many to extremely many! Whichever one you choose, the combination of city and mountain experience is maximum.



Pelister XTR Ultra

Bitola Ultra

Neolica Trail

1st EDITION - 2022

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ULTRA 47 K / 4TH

@ I did 1000+ races including 30+ marathons/ultras. The PUTM went straight into the top10. from the reception in the beautiful town of Bitola in the south of North Macedonia to the challenging but amazing trail ultra to the farewell, the whole crew behind the race truly over-delivered for their first major event. i discovered how friendly, supportive, and humorous the Macedons were throughout these hours and days before and after the race even though they were all working so hard to make the event outstanding. the race course is quickly described: 3 massive mountains needed to be conquered in the pelister national park. beautiful nature on nice trails on technical terrain but overall there was always this one problem. the climb seemed endless - and also the descent. i was extremely happy that i had a running partner, Ivan Spirkoski , who pulled me up all 3 mountain peaks. after 6.5 hours we were awaited at the finish line with a noise and hundreds of smiling faces i hardly ever had at a finish line. and everyone received it - the crew seemed to have unlimited energy and happiness. also, I like to mention and thank #ianmarshall who i was hanging out with for many hours before and after the race and who never complained about my never-ending questions about running. now the show must go on and everyone in this world is invited to the second edition next year on the 23./24. June 2023. check out one thing is for sure. it will be bigger and better. why? because we are dealing with the best. ps: thanks Nenad and Violeta for the invite - you are my heroes leading the crew!



@ On June 17 and 18, there was an ultra-marathon will be held in Bitola on the Baba mountains and the Pelister Peak with a length of 104 km. Even from the moment of arrival in Bitola, I was impressed by the high professionalism and kindness with which the hosts of the race met us. I assume that the other participants of the race were even uncomfortable that we were treated as if we were VIP guests of some political elite.I was especially impressed by the team that marked the trail a few days ago, especially in one part of the top of Neolica near Golemo Ezero. That part, which is 3 to 4 kilometers long, goes down exceptionally difficult, steep and inaccessible terrain, made up of huge stone blocks that you can pass only by jumping from one stone block to another. On such a "Unique" terrain, the team performed impeccable and professional marking, which, even in bad conditions and in very thick fog, enabled us to successfully orient ourselves and continue with the race. There is no trail race in Macedonia as challenging and demanding! Congratulations for the professionally organized race to the whole team, led by the race director Nenad Lazic.


ULTRA 47 K / 1ST

@ Dear Organisers, thank you for this fantastic race! It really has a special atmosphere. Hope to see you all next year  Also big thank you for all the competitors, it was great to share all the challenges of the trail with you!   Last but not least, I'm grateful for having such kind hosts in Bitola like Kiril and Elizabeta. It always feels like home when I'm around  Thank you all!



@ Even after 7 days of the race, it is difficult to find words to describe this event.
Challenging mountains that leave you breathless, perfect views that are hard to overlook, volunteers who welcome you with a smile, rich invigorated stations that do not allow the runner to run out of energy
Aaah, fans in the goal zone, phew, unforgettable.
I want all runners to feel the Pelister Unique Trail Marathon-PUTM
Organizers-->hats to the floor!!!
Iiii...less than a year left until the next edition,
See you Macedonia ❤️



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