Pelister Unique-Trail Marathon PUTM is a multi-day international mountain running competition, which will take up space throughout the Pelister National Park and most Area of Baba Mountain. Our routes lead through officially marked and most frequently used mountain trails, but we also introduce new trails that are rarely used and belong to the original, historical, and time-forgotten trails of Baba Mountain. 

After the experience from 2020 that we gained during the organization of the Pelister Trails, the first such race at Baba Mountain, with new and even stronger enthusiasm we started to prepare a new race with new trails. 
Our intention is to introduce new sections every year and over time PUTM will become if not at least one of the most challenging Ultra-Trail races in this part of the European continent.

Races Rules and Regulations

Rules & regulation are a follow up of ITRA's ethical chapter that serves to make the race safe, fair and equal for all participants. PUTM is an internationally evaluated trail race that is organized by ITRA's criteria and safety standards.

Waiver of responsibility

By registering, the participant acknowledges that the competition requirements, legal order and rules of procedure are binding. These regulations serve the uniform and equal engagement in the sport and are non-appealable in a court of law.


N.P. Pelister

Mountain Baba, more commonly known as Pelister is the southern most mountsin with alpine characteristics.

Bitola City

Bitola, known during the Ottoman Empire as Manastir or Monastir, is one of the oldest cities in North Macedonia.


A unique position for holding such a competition with everything you need. From the heart of the mountain you start in the heart of the mountain you end!