20 K

1000 D + awaits you on the first half of the trail from the start to one of the most beautiful spots in the Pelister National Park - Big Lake! Surely at least once, you will think to yourself that the climb over Debel Reed has no end!
 At the end of the climb, a rich refreshment station awaits you in front of the mountain lodge and cold lake water for refreshment. 

This lake is part of the Pelister Eyes, and the other part is Little Lake which is located on trails 50 and 100K.
After a shortstop, continue along the historic French road to Eagle Pond. From there, after a short section, a picturesque descent begins over vast meadows along the Sapundzica River. 

It’s possible to meet blueberry pickers or a horse loaded with sacks walking slowly down the trail... but don’t worry, just get around and keep a smile! The last 3 km of the trail winds through a pine forest and several streams where you have to be careful to slip!