At this time of night, there is usually silence, and only sounds from forests, animals, and streams can be heard. This time, let these wonderful creatures forgive us for disturbing that peace.

Surrounded by the dark peaks of Baba Mountain, the fun on the full moon begins! In the beginning, you will run relatively fast and directly below the top of Babin Zab. From there you have an indescribable view of the top of Pelister. After that sprint, we warn you - slow down, because from now on the path goes up all the time. First to the mountain lodge Neolica, then to the peak of the same name. From this point, you can see your beginning and end - from above! The climb continues to the top of Skrkovo from where you have a panoramic view worth a million dollars.
After the rock under Skrkovo, the path takes you left down through the meadows along the single trail to Babini Kladenci, and then in the direction of Wallachian Fountain on the historic French road. From there, follow that path towards Big Lake. Before that, you can photograph Lake Prespa for free on the left!

After the checkpoint, you continue on the road from when you have a 17 km long descent to the lowest point - Big Meadow from where you continue your second part of the unexpected adventure.

From the foot of the Pelister National Park and the place known as Big Meadow, Bitola's favorite excursion Place, your steep adventure continue! In this initial part, you meander through wooded paths surrounded by endemic Molika pines.
All the way to the place known as the Swallow's Stone, run along the historical trails from WW1. From there is one short but technically demanding up & down section leading to Jorgos Stone. You continue with a short but steep climb all the way to Upper Meadow. After a few steps, fast and winding descent to Palisnopje awaits you. Shortly afterward came the first serious torment.

Climb over a place called the French Hospitals that were there at WW1 all the way to the top of Pelister, the highest point of your adventure, 2 601 m! And now the endless descent begins! After Little Lake, follow the Red River steeply over the paths most often used by sheep, horses, and blueberry gatherers. Be careful of hidden stones and roots that are noticed in the last second. We didn’t accidentally call this part of the trail a “Roller Coaster”!
After the heroic end of the 1 500 m Descent,longest in North Macedonia, almost in the same minute, the trail takes you to Debel Rid !! And that means about 5 km long 1000 m uphill!
You can rarely find such a change of terrain not only in this area.However, this is PUTM and behind it are experienced organizers!
When you arrive at the mountain lodge "Dimitar Ilievski Murato" and one of the most striking attractions and natural beauties in North Macedonia - Big Lake, an indescribably magical descent awaits you along the French road from WW1 and Sapundzica River to a well-deserved finish!!