Dear Parents!

Perhaps one of you is an active runner, athlete. Maybe you have one or more children with whom you want to actively share the experience and beauty of trail running. We know how happy you are if your loved ones meet you at the finish line of the race... and maybe it's even more satisfying for the child and parent if you meet your youngest at the finish line! Even if you are not an active athlete, we offer you the opportunity to be proud of the fact that your child will be a participant in the simplest sports activity, but also the healthiest – natural, mountain running on grassy surfaces in the heart of Baba Mountain with their peers! Do not miss this unique opportunity that for the first time in Macedonia, along with regular races, we are organizing an event with all the preparations as for real mountain races. We don't care if someone runs 115 km or 500 m - everyone is a champion and that's how they feel!

About Trailko

Datum, Location and Time

  • Ski Center Strezevo

> 25 june 2023 / Sunday
> 10:00 - 11:30 Distribution starter packaging
> 12:00 - 13:30 Races and animation
> 14:00 - 14:30 Winner celebration

Conditions for participation

  • Born on the days between

> 01.01.2013 and 31.12.2018
> The length of the track
= 1 Lap (about 450-500 м)


  • 3 Categories / Girls and Boys

  1. BUTTERFLIES   >  2017 + 2018  >>  1 Lap
  2. FOXES                >  2015 + 2016  >>  2 Laps
  3. CHAMOES         >  2013 + 2014  >>  3 Laps

 Sponsors by Trailko 2023

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Registration fee for one child amounts 10.00 €


The maximum number of registrations is limited to 100 in each category! Overall max 300 Kids !

The registration fee includes the following:

  • T-shirt and backpack with gifts and vouchers
  • Start number with electronic timing
  • Medal at the end of the race for all participants
  • Unique Awards for the fastest 3 in their categories
  • Refreshments before and after the race
  • Medical Team
  • Musical animation, presenter, unique atmosphere and fellowship
  • Bus-Transport from Bitola and back


Payment method is by Credit Card through a secure server or the E-banking/Transaction on our Bancaccount intended for that use!