17 / 18 JUNE 2022



Dear mountain runners, 

according to the current situation and regarding the measures "Covid-19", we have made a final decision which is extremely difficult for us to share with you. 

We from the association PELXTR from Bitola

  •  support the decisions of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia to prevent the spread of infection with covid-19 virus
  •  support equality among participants as well as between volunteers, visitors, artists and organizers
  •  support fair competition only with full and strong competition
  •  do not support exposing participants to additional costs
  •  can not fulfill the sponsorship obligations related to the event program, the number of visitors and participants
  •  do not guarantee transparent control and prevention of misuse of documents (only with electronic verification can we guarantee that all documents are legal, but such a system does not exist)
  •  We do not support the danger for the participants to have close contact with the unvaccinated hikers on the trails, which would be a violation of the rules and the prescribed measures for covid-19 . 

The association PELXTR from Bitola organizes races for all those interested, supports mountain running as a whole, acts as a promotional and educational, spreads a healthy lifestyle and shares the beauties of the Pelister National Park far beyond the borders of the Republic of Macedonia.

We believe and stand that even unvaccinated athletes have strong immunity, they are not a danger to others and we do not want to punish them with a ban on participation or ask for additional costs because they are healthy!


According to this new date change, we offer you the following options: 

A) Full retention of participation on the new date 17 / 18. 06. 2022 (no obligation for confirmation from you - from the beginning of the opening of new registrations you will automatically be on this new list for 2022)

B) Cancellation of the participation in the registered race and transfer to another PUTM race, e.g. from 50 km to 20 km (send e-mail for change no later than 15.05.2022)

C) Complete cancellation of participation (read additional information below)


Due to a possible change in the program of the event for next year, and related to the situation "Covid-19" or your personal decision to change your opinion about the participation, you can confirm the cancellation in the period from 

01.05 - 15.05. 2022 

with a guarantee of 100% return on your payment.

We believe that it is too early for you to know for sure that you will not be able to participate. With this we want to reduce unnecessary commission costs for both you and us while you decide to sign up again!

This applies to all registered on PUTM, we remain fair until the end and we do not make a difference in this regard either !!! 

In case you select option C, send us an e-mail to with the following information:

  • name and surname
  • registered race
Thank You for you understanding!

PELXTR, Bitola